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We to renew for both a Float and for a couples massage.  They are amazing.  I loved the float and that you had a fully stocked bathroom to get ready again afterwards.  The massage was so relaxing and the environment calm and peaceful.  Elizabeth is so great and I would recommend this place to anyone looking for the best spa in town.


I've never been one to pamper myself, if anything I only seek out help when I'm in pain. I got my first massage at Renew for just this reason. My neck and shoulders were tight and I was desperate for relief instead of taking pain meds. One deep tissue massage with Justina and it was like night and day. I cannot recommend her enough. If you're looking for an amazing experience, book a deep tissue massage with Justina - you won't be disappointed.


Renew Float is located at In Motion Fitness on the west side of the building. We had made a reservation for the $99 special which is a massage and float. When we arrived we were offered (and encouraged) to have some water while filling out our release forms. Once the paperwork was done, the manager took us on a tour and described what we should expect for our treatments. The float chamber is filled with warm water enriched with epsom salt. The depth of the water was only about 6 inches but due to the salts, you actually float in the water.
One of the interesting things he mentioned is that you should think on something your looking for clarity about. Because of the relaxed environment, he said many times people leave with a sense of calm and clarity. I don't want you say to much as I think it's probably a different experience for everyone. What I will tell you is is incredibly relaxing! The water temperature is just right, the dark and quiet help to calm you and the salts really soothe your muscles.
Once your float is over, you shower off in the same room (great shower products are available) then wrap in your warm robe to await for your massage.
The therapist was great at asking about any areas of concern and the type of pressure you prefer. She even added an essential oil of my choice.
It was a great experience and what I felt was an amazing value for $99. It was something I truly enjoyed and would love to try again!


Beautiful, calm environment.  I just had another amazing massage from Jaclyn.  She did a great job finding the knots in my back and working them out.  She was really responsive to pressure requests and to where I wanted her to focus her time.  She made sure I was happy with my massage and that I felt much better after it.  I will definitely be returning.


I took my son, a varsity football player to try this out after a super physical game. The results were wonderful.  He has had his first pain free, full night of sleep in a long time.
His response to the treatment both mentally and physically were both amazing.  
We will be back!


My boyfriend took me for my birthday. It was my first time floating, I fell sound asleep. We got the "2 hours of bliss" package which included an hour massage and an hour float. I felt like jelly by the time we left. All the staff were very friendly, professional, and welcoming. Elizabeth explained the whole floating procedure very clearly, and our massage therapist Jennifer was so kind and gentle. She used just the right amount of pressure for my massage. The entire experience was so relaxing! I would recommend Renew Spa to anyone! Best birthday present ever!


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