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Feel the comfort on your skin.

Most use a daily routine to care for their skin at home. May not be the most elegant, but it does maintain your skin. Sometimes though, you might want to let a professional take care of your skin. Yes, let an esthetician take care of your skin. You might be surprised at what you might discover about your skin and the type of products you’re using currently and what products would provide the most benefit for your type of skin. As we know “everybody” is different and that goes for our skin too. So, why a facial? Even if you do not have blemishes, hyperpigmentation, or severe acne being pampered by a trained professional will help keep your skin healthy and vibrant throughout the year, especially during the cold wintry months. Dry skin is an issue. A hydrating facial might just be the answer to those skin blahs. #facials, #hydratingfacials

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