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The Image Skin Care system offers uniquely effective solutions to common skin care problems because they utilize substances already present in the skin to encourage the natural healing process. Biogenic ingredients work at the cellular level to accelerate tissue regeneration, encourage new cell growth, increase blood supply, and stimulate collagen and natural moisture.

Please Note . . .

Gratuity is not included in our prices.
A 10-20% gratuity is appreciated.

Renew Facial

Customized to the needs of your individual skin type (Normal, Combination, Oily, Dry, Sensitive, Rosacea). Each facial consist of a cleanse with steam, extractions, and two treatment masks, Your facial will be completed with nutrient rich moisture to leave your skin healthy and nourished. 

45 Minutes    $85

Restoration Facial

A classic facial accompanied with "Hands Renewed" and Eye Treatment. This is a great winter and post-summer treatment for face, hands and arms. This facial encourages skin hydration, minimizes pores and reduces fine lines and hyperpigmentation. The eye treatment will reduce eye tension, lift and brighten eyes with a soothing ionic massager.

60 Minutes    $105

Skin Brightening Facial

Ideal for sensitive skin, rosacea, and pregnancy. Heals chapped skin, normalizes moisture content, provides suppleness, promotes cell regeneration, soothes skin irritation, and provides anti-inflammatory as well as anti-aging benefits.

45 Minutes    $85

Ultra-Hydrating Facial

Ideal for normal, dry, dehydrated, dull, mature, or aging skin. Provides intense hydration to help repair, firm and soften skin. A reparative blend of peptides and vitamins C, D & E will strengthen the skin's immune system, defend against UV assault, brighten, and deeply hydrate while stimulating collagen and elastin.

45 Minutes     $85

Ultra-Calming Facial

For normal, dry, mature, sun damaged, melasma, and hyperpigmented skin. This facial promotes extreme lightening, deep hydration and a powerful dose of antioxidants that protect skin from environmental damage while relieving surface signs of aging.

45 Minutes     $85

Oily Skin Facial

For normal, oily, aging and acneic skin with hyperpigmentation. These powerful antioxidant ingredients are antifungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic. They will absorb oil, clear congested skin, alleviate dermatitis and relieve itching. This leaves the skin brighter, and fades hyperpigmentation. Our high-frequency device will be used to purify pores by providing a germicidal effect.

45 Minutes    $85

Gentleman's Facial

A reprieve from the daily grind and the great outdoors! Your facial consists of a deep cleanse with steam, enzyme exfoliation, facial massage, and completed with a revitalizing moisturizer.

Ear and/or nose wax available, please request or book as Add-on

45 Minutes     $85

Express Facial

Experience all the benefits of a Renew facial in a convenient amount of time. Incorporating the appropriate cleanse & mask for your skin type. 

30 Minutes    $65

Deep Cleanse Back Treatment

Relish in the splendor of polishing the often neglected back. This service will repair and create a moisture balance that will promote healing and prevent breakouts. Your skin will be cleansed with steam to open and soften skin, followed by a Papaya and Pineapple Enzyme exfoliation, vitamin rich antioxidant mask to heal and nourish skin. A back massage with organic Jojoba Oil will be the finishing-touch of soothing care.

30 Minutes $50

Enhancements & Add-Ons
Red Light

Drives active ingredients deeper into the skin, helps to improve overall skin tone, diminish wrinkles, and reduce inflammation and sun damage.

Add-On  $30

Eye Treatment

Ionic vibration massages hyaluronic acid & peptides to help contour the eyes. Blue light waves relieve eye fatigue, help to expel toxins & eliminate edema. Red light waves with magnetic heat production lifts & repairs eye tissue while reducing lines & increasing skin elasticity.

15 Minutes  $30

By booking, you authorize Renew Float Spa to charge a Canceled/NO SHOW appointment fee of 50% of the scheduled value. 
Late cancellation less than 1 business day or 24 hours prior (whichever is longer) will result in a fee of 25% scheduled value.
Missed appointments will be your responsibility and billed directly to you.
The fee must also be settled before scheduling again.
We appreciate your cooperation and understanding!

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