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Welcome to Renew Float Spa!

Please fill in your information below then select SAVE.

By selecting "SAVE" I agree that I have fully and thoroughly revealed to my esthetician any and all medical or physical conditions that may have an impact on this procedure, my recovery from this procedure or that may be impacted by this procedure, including, but not limited to, pregnancy and/or lactation, recent facial surgeries, allergies, tendency for cold sores or fever blisters, and the use of Retin-A, Accutane or hormones within the past year.

I also certify that I will care for myself and understand that I am in charge of myself and my own well being while in the floatation room.

I release Renew Float Spa and/or Float Lab Technologies from any and all claims of liability. I agree to follow all given instructions, rules, and regulations laid out for myself by the staff regarding the float room.

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